Manytone FreeZone

What is it?

The Manytone FreeZone contains a range of free soundsets, samples, presets and other great content for Manytone VSTi customers. All FreeZone material is Manytone approved so you can be sure to find the same quality here, as in all of our commercial products.

I'm a Manytone VST Instrument customer - how do I get my free stuff?

The Manytone FreeZone is available to all customers who have purchased a VSTi instrument from us. This includes ManyBass, ManyGuitar, ManyStation and ManyOne.

You will receive an email after you order with your personal FreeZone access link.

What can I download from the FreeZone?

The FreeZone currently contains all the files listed below. This page will be updated regularly so stop back often to see what's new. To get your files, just save and use the secret access link we will send with your Manytone purchase. Use this link we send to access any of the content listed below.

Manytone FreeZone: soundsets

MT FreeZone Pack 001 - Hypertone Mixed Bag - [20 July 2006]

24 Soundsets - 105 Meg

Manytone FreeZone Hypertone mixed bag Sampled from some old hardware synths, this pack is in the vein of our Hardware Classics Volume 1 that comes with ManyStation but is a whole new set of multi-sampled and looped sounds that was put together for us by our friend Hypertone. The soundsets in this pack will load into any of the Manytone VSTi. As an extra bonus if you use ManyStation, this pack also includes a bank of presets that will take the classic synth sounds to new levels of sonic excitement!

MT FreeZone Pack 002 - Drums Volume 1 - [20 July 2006]

8 Soundsets - 25 Meg

Manytone FreeZone drums volume 1 This pack contains six new drum kits to add some hot new beats to your tracks. These drum kits will load into any of our VSTi instruments, so even ManyGuitar users can now add some drum content to their sound collection. It also includes a great kick soundset with 17 different kicks and a snare soundset with 31 different snares.

MT FreeZone Pack 003 - DX pack - [20 July 2006]

3 Soundsets - 40 Meg

Manytone FreeZone DX pack This Pack contains a couple of DX7 electric piano soundsets and a tubular bells set. All sets are multi-sampled and originate from sysex data from a Yamaha DX7 that was transferred to the computer and run through a software DX7 emulator. Before sampling we tweaked the sounds to perfection in the software. The results are an extremely clean and great sounding FM Synth sample pack. Manytone will be releasing a sample set that features samples from the real DX7, TX81Z and other FM Synths of that era. This commercial pack will feature samples from the original hardware instruments. Until then here are some great FM emulated DX7 soundsets.

MT FreeZone Pack 004 - Distorted me - [20 July 2006]

1 Soundset - 36 Meg

Manytone FreeZone DX pack In cooperation with we have a special Manytone Edition of their fantastic heavy guitar sampleset "DISTORTED". This is a 36 Meg taste of the full package which is over 200 Meg. This Manytone edition contains 66 multi-samples mapped across the keyboard. It includes a full octave of sustained chords as well as some staccato and other chord variations. There are also some FX and other samples that make this very usable for heavy guitar chording.

To make this easy to use it is all mapped as one soundset which is best programmed from your piano roll. When using this set in the Manytone instruments, don't forget to turn off all the Amp Sims and FX, and set the ADSR envelopes etc. in normal position to start. The Distorted library already has real amp recorded into the samples so basically you just want to play it as recorded. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out the getdistorted website for more information about the full distorted package.

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MT FreeZone Pack 005 - Boris Sitar - [16 August 2006]

4 Soundsets - 119 Meg

Manytone FreeZone Boris Sitar Handmade Sitar owned and played by our friend "Boris" (pictured here with the Sitar). Individual drones and every note sampled. Long full decay samples. Sampled in 24 bit.

Recorded in stereo (has individual left and right mic soundsets) and also includes a mono Soundset of the 2 mics blended. Various drones mapped to the left hand and individually sampled notes mapped to the right hand.

Includes some professionally crafted presets for WusikStation and ManyStation version 2 and up. These presets blend and layer the samples into a very playable instrument. With some of these presets you can pitchbend just the notes and leave the Drones unaffected. Also some of the presets make use of the modulation wheel to add various pitch and other modulations that help make for a responsive, playable sampled Sitar.

These Soundsets will also load into ManyBass, ManyGuitar and ManyOne. For these instruments you can create your own presets very easily using the Sound and FX Wizards in the Instruments themselves.

We are giving this to our customers for free as a special thank you for all the help and support we received from them in our promotions in mid-2006. So thanks from all of us here at Manytone Music.

This product is also available for purchase in other popular sample formats. Click here for further details.

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MT FreeZone Pack 006 - KGP - [20 January 2007]

3 Soundsets - 274 Meg

Manytone FreeZone KGP This is a grand piano which was sampled using three mics in 24 bit. The notes are sampled with full decay. Each mic is stored as a separate soundset, allowing you to mix the piano however you want, capable of producing a wide variety of tones. Included with the soundsets are a bunch of ManyStation presets which demonstrate different ways of mixing the piano, though the soundsets can be loaded into ManyBass, ManyGuitar and ManyOne also. The piano itself is pretty bright, and has a lot of personality.

Click here to listen to an audio demo

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Manytone FreeZone: loops

Manytone presets ... still to come!!!

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Manytone FreeZone: presets

Manytone presets ... still to come!!!

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Manytone FreeZone: midi files

Manytone FreeZone midi guitar Guitar midi files for use with ManyGuitar or ManyStation, but you can also load them into any of our VSTi or other Guitar VSTi. - These will be coming soon.
UPDATE Dec 2007: Regged ManyTone VST customers can email us for a preview of this "Free" package that will be available to all ManyTone VST customers ;-)
To speed the process up, in your email to us, be sure to include your original purchase email address, or your copy of the purchase receipt, when contacting us. These files are 6 string guitar midi files and created specifically for ManyGuitar and ManyStation, but they should also work with your other VSTi samplers.

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Manytone FreeZone: programs

Manytone ManyMapper

Manytone ManyMapper Read all about it here.